Unleashing the Power of Solar Screens on our 105 Series Landcruiser.

We've given our Solar Screens a solid run for their money and they won big time. Here's exactly what we loved about them, and what we didn't expect.

We’re stoked to share our firsthand experience with Solar Screens on our most recent surfing trip to the Gold Coast. A massive shoutout to Charmain, Franklin, and the incredible Solar Screen crew for hooking us up with a Touring Set and Dash Shade for our 105 Series Land Cruiser. Let's dive into how these Aussie-made wonders turned our Gold Coast surfing trip into an absolute dream.

Since adding the 1HD-FTE LC105 to our lineup, we've embarked on several long-haul surfing trips to put the new rig to the test. Our recent journey became the ultimate shake-down for us to throw some harsh conditions their way, and the experience was nothing short of mind-blowing.

On the Road:

Departing from Brisbane, the first thing we noticed was the significant reduction in road noise from our mud tires. Going 110 on the freeway, we’re more than familiar with the constant scream of muddies on tarmac, but with the Solar Screens it was like trading the bustling highway for a serene coastal drive in a Tesla. Maybe not that quiet, but damn close! The cabin was noticeably darker, making the trip more relaxing on the eyes. And the real MVP? The substantial decrease in cabin heat, thanks to Solar Screens blocking out the summer UVs from the dash and back windows.

At Camp:

Setting up camp in the summer heat is always a blow. We parked by the beach in a carpark with no clouds and temperatures soaring above 32 degrees, thongs sticking to the pavement, etc. You know the vibe. We got in the water at 10am and came back at 2pm expecting to be blasted in the head with heat. No lie, we could have hopped in the back and slept it was that cool. It’s never going to reduce the ambient air temperature, but blocking the direct sunlight into the cab made all the difference. The esky was sitting on top of the bed (drawer fridge coming soon), and it stayed cold as ice. If you had a fridge going, just this reduction in interior temp would easily keep load down.

The Sleep Test:

After making dinner in the camp kitchen, we parked the 105 up on a hill and made our way to the flashest establishment this side of the tweed, the Rattlesnake. Eat Sleep Rattle Repeat, baby. After a baker’s dozen of cold brews, we trekked 50m back to the cruiser for a night of stealth camping in the Coolangatta. Once the doors were closed, the noise reduction was seriously noticeable. Due to the weight of the multiple layers of material, these screens are great at deadening sound. Needless to say, we enjoyed a full nights sleep in the middle of the city, straight under a street light, and within ear shot of a night club. That a win in my books.

The Verdict:

Our Gold Coast mission was a testament to the capabilities of Solar Screens. Knowing that these high-quality screens are 100% Australian-made by a down-to-earth crew adds an extra layer of satisfaction, so we couldn’t recommend them more.

Head over to our website and snag your set of Solar Screens at a ripper price. Wherever you’re headed, Solar Screens are the Aussie-made key to unlocking a whole new level of comfort and convenience.


Dash Shade 105 Series Land CruiserSolar Screen 105 Series LandcruiserDash Shade 105 Series Land CruiserSolar Screen 105 Series Land Cruiser

Unleashing the Power of Solar Screens on our 105 Series Landcruiser.