GU/GQ Patrol Black Leather Steering Wheel Upgrade

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Introducing the Black Perforated Leather GQ/GU Patrol Steering Wheel Upgrade, a perfect addition to your Patrol interior. These wheels far more comfortable and ergonomic than the OEM, plus, they're damn good quality.

Designed to fit every model of S1-S4 GU Patrol and GQ Patrol.

If you're going for an OEM+ interior, this wheel is the cherry on top.

In-stock availability, guaranteeing prompt shipping on the same business day. 

This is a steering wheel core, meaning it utilizes the original horn pad, preserving the authenticity of your vehicle's interior. Please note that S1 Patrols require a Horn Pad from a S2-S4 otherwise there will be gaps!

Carbon Fiber trimming is also available!

We emphasize that all our products are intended solely for off-road use.

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