Top Deck Rooftop Tent

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Introducing the Top Deck by Tidy Tourer. Come rain or shine, beach or bush, get ready for an unbeatable snooze unparalleled by any tent or swag on the market.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  1. The Shell:

With a form factor of 1.3 x 2.1 x 0.18 and 75kg, the Top Deck is compact and robust. The shell is made of aluminum and includes tough corner protection. External heavy-duty gas struts and lockable latch mechanisms save interior space and ensure a secure setup. 360o C-Channel edging adds strength and versatility, allowing you to mount awnings, shower curtains, work lights, and more effortlessly.

  1. The Canvas:

Our 340GSM canvas boasts a sexy black finish that blocks out unwanted light. The weatherproof rainfly, paired with flex-easy poles, ensures you stay dry during rough weather. Internal roof insulation keeps you comfortable in every condition, and the rip-safe flyscreen adds protection from all the bugs Australia could muster.

  1. The Interior:

Climb into a well-lit haven with low-draw, 2500K interior LED strip lighting. The 80mm memory foam mattress, coupled with a 15mm condensation pad, guarantees a dry, restful night's sleep. You won’t wake up wondering where your phone and keys are, with roof-mounted pouches included. We’ve even included a 12v 1.5a outlet, to ensure your gear is ready for the day ahead.

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